What is Crunchy Chilli Snacks?

OUR CRUNCHY CHILLI SNACKS OR IT'S WELL KNOWN CALLED HAND-COOKED CHILLI CHIPS is made from real chilli and ready to eat. It's popular as a Thai Exotic Snack the textures is crispy and delicious. A great benefit of these snacks is a chilli itself that high in fiber, protein & boosts metabolism, burn out fast.


They are super tasty come with 7 flavors, when you start it's hard to stop! If you are craving some spiciness this is one of the best choice! However you choose to enjoy them.


Every flavours standout as it has individual unique style. With the perfect amount of spicy, with fragrant of white sesame seeds also they’re light. You will enjoy until the last piece. We fried & baked chilli peppers in Thermal processing 6 steps. Our crunchy chilli chips can be spice up with anything that you are craving for a day. Eat it as a snack, or add a bit of a spicy kick onto your rice, noodles, sandwich, burger, or salad or could be one of your favourite choice of party snacks with friends and family.



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Our crunchy chilli snacks is no added preservatives, No added MSG.